Using Music Therapy to Support a Mindfulness Practice (whether or not you’re into meditation)

Sometimes, the people who could benefit the most from a mindfulness program are the ones who find it the most challenging; It’s difficult to relax, it’s hard to clear your mind and be in the moment, let alone stay focused. It may even be *uncomfortable* at first, or you may feel more anxious once you stop moving, and start trying to turn your attention inward.

The power of music as a therapeutic modality is in it’s flexibility, it’s enjoyability, it’s propensity to modulate our mood and mindset. Music is universal, and indeed, everyone is born with a neurobiological predisposition to be musical. Some neuroscientists even believe that music evolved in the brain before speech!

All of these aspects and more make music a perfect medium for inducing mindful engagement. Whether i’m working with a young child who requires the music to change frequently in order for them to remain engaged, or an adult struggling with anxiety or worry who needs a focal point to remain in the moment, I have found that music is the ticket.

Achieving mindful engagement through music can look very different from person to person, and I’ve used almost every instrument in my collection for this purpose!

Why do you need a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) to use music to “relax?” You may be doing just fine listening to music that soothes you, and you may not need any help finding the right music. Music therapists are trained in creating a music experience to support the needs of the individual at that time. This may include a live music experience, or assisting agencies or individuals in creating playlists that minimize risk to the patient/client/resident, while inducing a relaxation response.

More importantly, music therapists are trained to respond in the moment to physiological changes observed in the client, to meet the individual where they are at, and to adjust the intervention as needed to best facilitate therapeutic (non-musical) goals.

To find out more, or to schedule a music & wellness event, contact Bloomsburg Music Therapy at 570-316-1899 or e-mail

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