Music Therapy for Respiratory Support

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Music therapy can be an excellent complement to standard pulmonary rehabilitation, and has been found to be especially valuable for its ability to address emotional support and overall wellness.

Therapeutic singing makes practicing diaphragmatic breathing enjoyable, helping to pass the time more quickly and encouraging treatment adherence. Likewise, using beginner-level wind instruments such as melodicas, harmonicas, or recorders to practice pursed-lip breathing as part of a group adds an element of social support.

Music therapists are trained in methods of music-induced relaxation to reduce anxiety, decrease pain, improve mood, and further encourage deeper, more relaxed breathing in ways that may be easy and enjoyable even for individuals who do not typically like standard relaxation exercises.

The most vital component of a music therapy session for the pulmonary rehabilitation client, unlike another type of music experience, is the relationship built within the music. The relationship drives the gains made in the therapy, and sets music therapy apart from other experiences.

Check out Bloomsburg Music Therapy’s piece on Mindfulness in Music Therapy to learn more.

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