I’m a person who runs on hope. I don’t mean that I’m just an optimist; I am fueled by hope. I am motivated by the potential, and driven by the endless possibilities I can see just over the horizon.

One of my favorite things about the profession of music therapy is that we get to focus on the good in a person. Sure, we can work on goals related to “deficits,” but what comes out in the music are the strengths of the individual, the beauty of their uniqueness, and their best and most endearing qualities. I get to focus on the hope.

As a music therapist, it isn’t my job to give up on you (in fact, I hope that is no one’s job!). It’s my job to work with you, and let your best self emerge, live, and breathe in the music, so that when you walk out of our session, you are “putting your best foot forward,” and letting your own unique strengths carry you onward.

In the past few weeks, it has been more difficult for me to feel hopeful. These are uncertain times, and I have struggled, like many, many others, with losing my usual schedule and the ability to carry on “business as usual.”

I have been clinging to the hope that I may be able to offer music therapy telehealth services, despite the difficulties inherent in working from home in a rural location (read: my internet is slower now than it was in the 90s). This past week, I was finally able to test out a session, and I was thrilled to discover that the results exceeded my expectations!

Although lacking many of the benefits of an in-person session, this session demonstrated to me that it is indeed possible to offer something of value, which may help to ease the isolation many are experiencing due to the current guidelines set out by public health officials.

Therefore, I would like to offer my services via a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

Hope lives on! Can you see the possibilties? I can!

1 thought on “Hope”

  1. Alysha, I found immense pleasure and comfort in these chaotic, uncertain times , in being able to connect with you through your tele-health option. I am SO grateful you have taken the steps to implement this part of your program, to give those of us who crave connections, the ability to do so, and in this artistic venue. I have a lot of hope and faith, like you; but acknowledge still having some of “those moments,” when this venue with your touches just “ground me” further in the goodness❣️ Blessings to you, always. 🎼🥁🎹


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