MindSteady Music: A Low-Cost Anxiety & Depression Reduction Program

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Pre-registration is now open for MindSteady, a live virtual music-based depression & anxiety-reduction group music therapy program. The program will offer adults of all ages an opportunity to practice music and mindfulness techniques and learn to use rhythm & music to regulate emotions and induce a physiological state of calmness. Participants will experience both passive and active techniques.

No experience necessary! There are absolutely no musical pre-requisites- all levels of musician are welcome; degree of musicianship is not an indicator of anticipated benefits from participating.

The program will require pre-registration and pre-payment. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the total cost of the program for each participant will be reduced to $100, to include all 6 group sessions.

This article offers an overview on the basics of music therapy and depression.

Please contact info@bloomsburgmusictherapy.org for more information.

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