Free Trial Session – This Magic Moment in Music

A virtual group program for people with dementia and their care partners

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Find a new connection through rhythm and creativity

When someone you love has Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can feel hard to connect like you used to. You want to support them, but you feel drained and distraught as you cope with changes and loss.

Music has the extraordinary power to bring out the very best in people; to bring us into the present moment with joy, intent, and inspiration; to bring us together even when we feel worlds apart; and to bring wellness into the forefront through the modulation of physical and emotional health. Music is interwoven throughout the timelines of our lives, eliciting long-forgotten feelings, memories, sensations, experiences, relationships, and so much more. It calls forth our deepest, most authentic selves from the depths of despair and decline, and bridges the greatest of divides. Music is one of the final threads of connection when a cherished loved one is slipping away, a stubborn holdout amid a sea of loss and change, a lifeline and anchor to provide a sense of safety, dignity, and an authentic shared experience in an otherwise isolating and lonely place.

Join me on Wednesday, January 12th at 11am to see if this new offering is right for you and your loved one. We’ll have an hour and a half of fun and relaxation, creativity and exploration, self-expression and socialization. If you’d like more information, click here to read the full program description.

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1 thought on “Free Trial Session – This Magic Moment in Music”

  1. Dearest Alysha,

    My wife and I have split; so, no need to send these dementia related session invitations to me. She would not consider doing group or zoom music therapy, counseling, or even talk with a pastor. I had tried, since you and I worked together last year; but, she would only consider individual, in person MT. But, as she refused to mask properly (and if she wore a mask outside our home she would pull it down instead of using her pastoral and concert chorale vocal abilities to project her voice,) I was not willing to put you or your family at risk for her negligence.

    She actually lied to me and did not wear her mask into Giant, last month, when I quickly ran to Renco… and passed Covid to me… which I am still fighting, lingering effects, at home.

    I have had zero energy, since getting the vaccines in July… and had progressing symptoms after her unmasking while at the store. She’d told me to just put her somewhere, probably 20 times over the past year, if things got to be too much for me. I asked her to pick 5-6 facilities for me to interview; but instead, she said she could maintain an apartment… which confirmed my former VA counselor’s insistence she was lying about her ability, out of concern I was going to become one of the 80% caregiver statistics, which her own neurologist confirmed a few months after my counselor’s concerns were voiced. So, she moved out on November 12th.

    I thank you for your continued effort to help my family; unfortunately, I could not convince her to mask properly for my own immunity compromise… nor would she consider anything other than individual, in-person, music therapy.

    Be Blessed, Always, Dear One.

    In Gratitude,


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