Philosophy of Practice

Everything you need, you have inside

Music brings out the POSSibilities in ALL abilities!

Our work with clients is a collaborative process, with music as the centerpiece of the clinical relationship and the primary driver of change. Bloomsburg Music Therapy utilizes an eclectic approach that draws from professional experience, education, clinical supervision, current research literature, and most importantly the needs of the client and the demands of the moment.

Clients of Bloomsburg Music Therapy can and should expect a gender-affirming and culturally responsive experience. Bloomsburg Music Therapy values diversity, and strives to create a welcoming environment for all clients.

Just as the therapeutic process is just that, a process, people are always growing and changing; clients of Bloomsburg Music Therapy can and should expect a clinician committed to personal and professional development.

Our motto is: music, by any means necessary! The needs of the client in the moment determine whether the therapy experience is receptive or expressive; which instruments are used; the tempo, style, and dynamics of the music, whether the music is live or recorded; and the therapeutic techniques employed.

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The beautiful thing about music in therapy is it’s flexibility and the range of experiences possible. We might work on speech, cognition, emotional, and motor goals all within the span of one session. We can use every instrument available on hand. We can change any element of the music, at any time.