What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the clinical use music interventions by a trained professional to maximize quality of life through improvement in cognitive, emotional, social, behavioral, or physical functioning, the restoration of lost abilities, or through maintenance of current abilities. Music therapy can be used to improve health & wellness, generate joy, and help individuals live their best lives.

Music has been a vital force in the human experience throughout the duration of human history, and some neuroscientists believe music was a precursor to language. Music is processed throughout the brain, from the reptilian brain, to the limbic system, to many areas in the neocortex.

Music helps us connect with each other and understand each other non-verbally, access memories hidden deep within the subconscious, live in the moment, express and experience challenging emotions in a safer place, and bypass damaged areas by building new connections.

Why Music?

Music is . . .







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